Birthday Poem

31 Savage

If I met you and I made you feel special 

Just know one thing, you know that I meant to

I hit you and saved you a spot on this journey I’m on 

31 marathon, Ralph Lauren scarf on

Up and coming like Drake when he did so far gone

The stars I’m among

Have me feeling like Birdman’s speaking to me with respect on my name

Saying get your shine on.

To get to the highest peak, set your horizon to heaven

I do it XXL but if I go extra large, meaning one size down I might come up short but I’ll still land in Mars

With no regrets from now till my last breath

Cuz if I got any bit of it in me, that’s what life’s gonna get 

With no regard for human life with my bars, because…

Gangsters don’t cry when they get chubby and move to my AMAR

I moved from the drama

They called me desert dry so I whet my appetite had to show them that when you have wings you’re meant to fly

That’s my appetite for success, if I was a rapper I’d be MC Lyte

A heavyweight is right in a Mike Tyson fight

But no one’s sizing me up, here’s the real battle

I stepped up towards her, said “would you like me more if I was way less original and shorter”

Cuz try as he will to say what’s real

Your ears are away, fake woke cuz you ain’t awake

But forget it because you’re here on 31 Savage day

And just know if I like you I might put you in my next play

I ate the monsters in my mind alive and I didn’t need my cutlery

My DMs are so ready for you to slide

Now all my angles are my good side, taking hella photos to take you along for the ride

And I’m gonna continue to celebrate life

I rhyme, I’m young black and talented – I could have ended up like Left Eye

I had 40 kilos to lose it was a sweet deal

Because the candy and soda was my Achilles heel

So I tore it like KD, a sniper that’s quiet

I did it easy 20 hours fasting, the warrior diet

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