For the hunt of it

Through one of my favorite rappers – Wale, I got to know about a British songstress named Mahalia with her unorthodox catchy hit – I Wish I Missed My Ex.

I feel it’s an important song because you can really flourish when coming out of a bad relationship. And sometimes you can’t be held back anymore and you need to stand on your own two feet and get out of a bad situation.

It inspired the playwright in me to start writing two separate I Wish I Missed My Ex projects for two different events. I’ve been hunting an interview or collaboration with her since January when I interviewed Jvck James who she toured with.

How close did I come?

After harassing her management over and over I requested a meet and greet because she wasn’t doing interviews and a common cold, a cough was the reason they ultimately denied.

Something she confirmed at her show, or at least I’ll tell myself that to not feel slighted.

But when in the league, in the lane of interviewing people who inspire you, it’s always a chase and hey my Mahalia plays were about mental wealth awareness – maybe I’ll catch her attention one day.

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