I haven’t gotten soft

Trying to get established
Pushing my soul to the limit
Got a writing habit and I’ll never be average
My average leads the league, looking at the scoring title and I’m gonna win it
I don’t know what I’ll transcend next if I have to just flex

I’m gonna clean up at the life awards
My secret: I’ll be dressed so clean I’ll sweep it
It’s like I’m running a marathon and that day is what I’m running towards
How do you win – not wealth it’s about being the best version of your self

I can get down and dirty
A bad boy like Martin Lawrence with the Will to be a wordsmith
In Jay-Z’s words “I’ve been focused since I said hi to thirty”
And now I’m 31 Savage, my words are engaging they make a marriage
Paying my dues till these sentences make you want a life sentence – “I do”


I wonder if my emotions are less raw
When I used to carry it like a cutting edge emotional saw
I think I’ve been scared to show the emotions you saw
Because I gave up a battle, an emotional war
But before I throw in the towel, I’m gonna go for the knockout, Mike Tyson style


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