Momba’s Day

There I was on Mother’s Day, after recently deciding to give up pizza and sweet drinks, I was confident I had lost some weight. To my shock I noticed the highest number I’d ever seen on the scale. To those that think Mother’s Day is a commercial holiday – first of all mothers are the most important in the world, second of all say what you want there was something magical in the Mother’s Day air.

Either that or I decided to put in the work brick by brick like a construction worker, to lose 40 KGs in 6 months and get chiseled.

Motivation is good, and when it gets combined with information you can go a long way. I don’t remember the search I did to stumble across developing an intermittent fasting schedule, but I do remember the fast pair that made an impression as I tried to avoid being pear shaped.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick via Joe Rogan. There was just so much information about all the benefits and back to that Mother’s Day air, my mom had told me about it so there was some familiarity there.

What happened next was going hard all summer. I started truly enjoying watching videos by people. like Thomas DeLauer and Fledge Fitness. And a source of inspiration all summer was Kobe Bryant, the black mamba.

I call it the Momba mentality because my mom saw a flicker of inspiration in me and played me Kobe videos and shared a book about becoming your best self so I could find my way. I’ll never forget that.

Kobe said he woke up at 4 in the morning to shoot baskets, so I committed to going to sleep early every night and waking up at 6 sometimes 5 to go for a long walk and occasionally end it with shooting hoops.

I stayed truly locked into an intermittent fasting schedule, I tried different times of day and lengths of fasts. I supplemented my efforts with Apple Cider Vinegar, Himalayan Sea Salt and Green Matcha Tea.

And most importantly I sacrificed, hustled paid the price.

Quote from Nipsey Hussle.

I ate the monsters in my mind alive and I didn’t need any cutlery.

Quote from myself.

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